Comeback Player of the Year

Year Recipient
1972 Miami Dolphins Earl Morrall
1973 Philadelphia Eagles Roman Gabriel
1974 New York Jets Joe Namath
1975 Atlanta Falcons Dave Hampton
1976 Detroit Lions Greg Landry
1977 Denver Broncos Craig Morton
1978 Washington Redskins John Riggins
1979 Miami Dolphins Larry Csonka
1980 Oakland Raiders Jim Plunkett
1981 Cincinnati Bengals Ken Anderson
1982 Los Angeles Raiders Lyle Alzado
1983 Atlanta Falcons Billy Johnson
1984 Pittsburgh Steelers John Stallworth
1986 Minnesota Vikings Tommy Kramer
1986 San Francisco 49ers Joe Montana
1987 Los Angeles Rams Charles White
1988 Los Angeles Rams Greg Bell
1989 New York Giants Ottis Anderson
1990 Kansas City Chiefs Barry Word
1991 Philadelphia Eagles Jim McMahon
1992 Philadelphia Eagles Randall Cunningham
1993 Kansas City Chiefs Marcus Allen
1994 Miami Dolphins Dan Marino
1995 Indianapolis Colts Jim Harbaugh
1995 Arizona Cardinals Garrison Hearst
1996 Pittsburgh Steelers Jerome Bettis
1997 Green Bay Packers Robert Brooks
1998 Buffalo Bills Doug Flutie
1999 San Francisco 49ers Bryant Young
2000 New Orleans Saints Joe Johnson
2001 San Francisco 49ers Garrison Hearst
2002 Pittsburgh Steelers Tommy Maddox
2003 Cincinnati Bengals Jon Kitna
2004 San Diego Chargers Drew Brees
2005 New England Patriots Tedy Bruschi
2005 Carolina Panthers Steve Smith
2006 New York Jets Chad Pennington
2007 Dallas Cowboys Greg Ellis
2008 Miami Dolphins Chad Pennington

Pennington is the only two-time winner of the award.

2009 New England Patriots Tom Brady
2010 Philadelphia Eagles Michael Vick
2011 Detroit Lions Matthew Stafford
2012 Denver Broncos Peyton Manning

Manning was named comeback player of the year after missing all of 2011 due to a back injury. Manning returned to form with his new team, the Denver Broncos, as he threw for 4,659 yards and 37 touchdowns.

2013 San Diego Chargers Philip Rivers
2014 New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski

Gronkowski won the 2014 Comeback Player of the Year after an injury riddled 2013 where he had back surgery and tore his ACL late in the season. Gronkowski returned to form with an unanimous All-Pro nomination in 2014.

2015 Kansas City Chiefs Eric Berry

Eric Berry received the award after being diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma late in 2014. Berry was named to the Pro Bowl after the 2015 season.

2016 Green Bay Packers Jordy Nelson

Nelson won the after after missing the entire 2015 season with a torn ACL. Nelson had 97 receptions for 1,257 yards and 14 touchdowns.

2017 Los Angeles Chargers Keenan Allen
2018 Indianapolis Colts Andrew Luck
2019 Tennessee Titans Ryan Tannehill
2020 Washington Football Team Alex Smith
2021 Cincinnati Bengals Joe Burrow
2022 Seattle Seahawks Geno Smith
2023 Cleveland Browns Joe Flacco