New England Patriots at Chicago Bears

Sunday, November 10, 2024, Week 10

The New England Patriots will play the Chicago Bears on Sunday, November 10, 2024, Week 10 of the 2024 season.


Head Coach: Jerod Mayo Offensive Coordinator: Alex Van Pelt Defensive Coordinator: DeMarcus Covington Special Teams Coordinator: Jeremy Springer Quarterbacks Coach: T.C. McCartney Offensive Line Coach: Scott Peters Running Backs Coach: Taylor Embree Senior Offensive Assistant Coach: Ben McAdoo Assistant Wide Receivers Coach: Tiquan Underwood Assistant Offensive Line Coach: Robert Kugler Defensive Line Coach: Jerry Montgomery Linebackers Coach: Dont'a Hightower Outside Linebackers Coach: Drew Wilkins Safeties Coach: Brian Belichick


Head Coach: Matt Eberflus Offensive Coordinator: Shane Waldron Defensive Coordinator: Eric Washington Special Teams Coordinator: Richard Hightower Offensive Passing Game Coordinator: Thomas Brown Quarterbacks Coach: Kerry Joseph Wide Receivers Coach: Chris Beatty Offensive Line Coach: Chris Morgan Running Backs Coach: Chad Morton Tight Ends Coach: Jim Dray Offensive Line Assistant Coach: Luke Steckel Assistant Offensive Line Coach: Jason Houghtaling Offensive Assistant Coach: Jennifer King, Robbie Picazo Offensive Quality Control Coach: Zach Cable Defensive Line Coach: Travis Smith Linebackers Coach: Dave Borgonzi Safeties Coach: Andre Curtis Defensive Quality Control Coach: Kevin Koch Special Teams Assistant Coach: Carlos Polk Strength and Conditioning Coach: Jim Arthur Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach: Pierre Ngo, Noble Landry Strength and Conditioning Assistant Coach: Isaiah Harris Defensive Backs Assistant Coach: David Overstreet II Player Engagement Coach: Isaiah Harris