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George Dyer

Cumulative stats (All positions)

Years Coached Record Win % Playoff record Playoff win %
22 185-159-0 53.78% 10-6 62.50%


Dyer has had a long and prosperous career on the defensive side of the ball. His coaching stops have taken him from college, to the NFL, to the CFL and back. Prior to his coaching career, Dyer played center and linebacker for UC Santa Barbra from 1960-1963. In 1961, Dyer was named a team co-captain for his team.

College Coaching Career

Upon graduation, Dyer began coaching at Humboldt State as an assistant coach. In 1964, the team achieved an 8-2 record. However, the team regressed each year Dyer was there, going 6-4 in 1965 and 4-6 in 1966. After the season, Dyer left Humboldt State and to take the head coaching position at Coalinga Junior College. Dyer held this job for one season in which the entire team was inducted into the school Hall of Fame. After his one season as a head coach, Dyer became the defensive coordinator at Portland State.

During his four seasons at Portland State (68-71) the team put together the best four-year run in school history, going 20-19 over the time span. The 1969 and 1970 teams was the first ever teams to post back-to-back winning records. After his time at Portland State, Dyer joined the Idaho State staff for one season as an assistant coach, helping the team to a 7-3 record. After his time at Idaho State, he joined Darryl Rogers as an assistant coach for San Jose State University. San Jose finished 5-4-2, finishing 2nd in the Pacific Coast Athletic Conference.

First Professional Coaching Stint

After his stint with San Jose State, Dyer had his first foray into professional coaching with his position with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers with the CFL. Bud Riley hired him as an assistant coach, but the team did not have much success during his three seasons in Winnipeg. The team posted just one winning season (1976) during his stint with the team. After the 1976 season, Dyer returned to college coaching.

Return to College

In 1977, Dyer returned to college with Michigan State. He was reunited with Darryl Rogers as his defensive coordinator. With Dyer’s help on defense, the team improved three games between 1976 and 1977. The improvement continued as the team went 8-3 and win a share of the Big Ten title. The success was short-lived as the team stumbled to a 5-6 record.

After Michigan State, Dyer moved to Arizona State with Rogers. Again, the tandem of Rogers and Dyer led to instant improvement of a team. Even though the team was placed on probation by the Pac-10, the team finished 7-4, a three game improvement over the previous season. In 1981, the team ended the season ranked #16 in the nation and second in the conference.

Return to Professional Football

For one season, (1982), Dyer coached the Buffalo Bills as the defensive line coach. The Bills missed the playoffs in the strike shortened season by one game, but Dyer coached two players, Fred Smerlas and Ben Williams, to All-Pro Honors (first and second team, respectively).

In 1983, Dyer followed coach Chuck Knox to Seattle Seahawks as the defensive line coach. Their success was immediate as the Seahawks lost to the Raiders in the AFC Conference championship game. 1984 held similar success as the team went 12-4, but lose in the second round of the playoffs. The 1984 season remained the most successful season for the Seahawks during Dyer’s tenure, never winning as many games and only advancing to the playoffs twice more (1987, 1988). After the 1991 season, Dyer followed Chuck Knox to another team.

In 1992, Knox and Dyer coached the Los Angeles Rams, with Dyer serving as both the Defensive Coordinator and the Defensive Line coach. They could not replicate the success of Seattle, as they finished last in the division each of Dyer’s seasons. In Dyer’s first season, 1992, the defense was ranked near the bottom of many defensive stats as he was unable to get results from the players.

After 13 consecutive seasons of working under Knox, Dyer was hired by the Denver Broncos to coach the defensive line for new head coach Mike Shanahan. During Dyer’s time in Denver, the Broncos experienced great success, both individually and as a team. The team won two Super Bowls (1997, 1998), Terrell Davis rushed for 2,008 (1998), and Jason Elam tied the record for longest field goal (63 yards, 1998). However, after the 1998 Super Bowl victory, Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway retired and the team struggled to remain competitive. In Dyer’s last three seasons with the team, they only made one playoff appearance (2000). In 2002, Shanahan promoted Dyer to Assistant to Head Coach as Jacob Burney took over the defensive line. Dyer coached one more season in the NFL, 2003 with the Detroit Lions, but the team finished last in the NFC North.

After taking many years off, Dyer reemerged in the CFL as the defensive line coach for the Toronto Argonaut in 2010. In his first season, he helped defensive tackle Kevin Huntley be recognized as a CFL All-Star as he led the team with 9 sacks. The Argonauts struggled in 2011, finishing 6-12 and missing the playoffs. With the poor season, most of the coaching staff would not return for the 2012 season.

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Year Position Record Playoff record
2003 Detroit Lions Defensive Line Coach 5-11-0 0-0
2002 Denver Broncos Assistant to the Head Coach 9-7-0 0-0
2001 Denver Broncos Defensive Line Coach 8-8-0 0-0
2000 Denver Broncos Defensive Line Coach 11-5-0 0-1
1999 Denver Broncos Defensive Line Coach 6-10-0 0-0
1998 Denver Broncos Defensive Line Coach 14-2-0 3-0
1997 Denver Broncos Defensive Line Coach 12-4-0 4-0
1996 Denver Broncos Defensive Line Coach 13-3-0 0-1
1995 Denver Broncos Defensive Line Coach 8-8-0 0-0
1994 Los Angeles Rams Defensive Line Coach / Defensive Coordinator 4-12-0 0-0
1993 Los Angeles Rams Defensive Coordinator / Defensive Line Coach 5-11-0 0-0
1992 Los Angeles Rams Defensive Coordinator / Defensive Line Coach 6-10-0 0-0
1991 Seattle Seahawks Defensive Line Coach 7-9-0 0-0
1990 Seattle Seahawks Defensive Line Coach 9-7-0 0-0
1989 Seattle Seahawks Defensive Line Coach 7-9-0 0-0
1988 Seattle Seahawks Defensive Line Coach 9-7-0 0-1
1987 Seattle Seahawks Defensive Line Coach 9-6-0 0-1
1986 Seattle Seahawks Defensive Line Coach 10-6-0 0-0
1985 Seattle Seahawks Defensive Line Coach 8-8-0 0-0
1984 Seattle Seahawks Defensive Line Coach 12-4-0 1-1
1983 Seattle Seahawks Defensive Line Coach 9-7-0 2-1
1982 Buffalo Bills Defensive Line Coach 4-5-0 0-0

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