Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco 49ers 16 to 31

Sunday, December 22, 1985, Week 16

The Dallas Cowboys played the San Francisco 49ers in San Francisco on Sunday, December 22, 1985, Week 16 of the 1985 season. The 49ers won by a score of 31-16. With this game, the 49ers finished the season 5-3-0 at home, while the Cowboys finished 3-5-0 on the road for the 1985 season.

The 49ers finished the season with a record of 10-6-0, while the Cowboys finished the season at 10-6-0.

Dallas Cowboys offense

Total yards Pass yards Rush yards Turnovers First downs
419 359 60 4 25


Head Coach: Tom Landry Assistant Head Coach: James A. "Jim" Myers Defensive Coordinator: Ernie Stautner Quarterbacks Coach: Jim Shofner Wide Receivers Coach: Dick Nolan Offensive Line Coach: James A. "Jim" Myers Running Backs Coach: Al Lavan Defensive Line Coach: Ernie Stautner Linebackers Coach: Jerry Tubbs Defensive Backfield Coach: Gene Stallings Special Teams Coach: Alan Lowry Strength and Conditioning Coach: Bob Ward Research and Development: Neill Armstrong

San Francisco 49ers offense

Total yards Pass yards Rush yards Turnovers First downs
421 312 109 3 22


Head Coach: Bill Walsh Defensive Coordinator: George Seifert Quarterbacks Coach: Paul Hackett Wide Receivers Coach: Paul Hackett Offensive Line Coach: Bobb Mckittrick Running Backs Coach: Sherman Lewis Tight Ends Coach: Fred Von Appen Assistant Offensive Line Coach: Fred Von Appen Defensive Line Coach: Bill McPherson Linebackers Coach: Norb Hecker Defensive Backs Coach: Ray Rhodes Defensive Assistant Coach: Tommy Hart Special Teams Coach: Fred Von Appen Physical Development Assistant: Jerry Attaway Physical Development Coordinator: Jerry Attaway Coaching Administrator: Neal Dahlen