Los Angeles Rams at Detroit Lions 20 to 17

Saturday, December 11, 1976, Week 14

The Los Angeles Rams played the Detroit Lions in Pontiac on Saturday, December 11, 1976, Week 14 of the 1976 season. The Rams won by a score of 20-17. With this game, the Lions finished the season 5-2-0 at home, while the Rams finished 5-1-1 on the road for the 1976 season.

The Lions finished the season with a record of 6-8-0, while the Rams finished the season at 10-3-1.

Los Angeles Rams offense

Total yards Pass yards Rush yards Turnovers First downs
249 132 117 2 14


Head Coach: Chuck Knox Offensive Coordinator: Ken Meyer, Ray Prochaska Wide Receivers Coach: Leeman Bennett Offensive Line Coach: Ray Prochaska Offensive Backfield Coach: Elijah Pitts Linebackers Coach: Tom Catlin Advance Scout: Jack Faulkner Training Assistant: Garrett Giemont

Detroit Lions offense

Total yards Pass yards Rush yards Turnovers First downs
213 122 91 3 11


Head Coach: Rick Forzano Interim Head Coach: Tommy Hudspeth Offensive Coordinator: Ken Shipp Defensive Coordinator: Jim Carr Special Teams Coordinator: Jerry Glanville Offensive Run Game Coordinator: Joe Bugel Quarterbacks Coach: Ken Shipp Wide Receivers Coach: Ken Shipp, Art Zeleznik Offensive Line Coach: Bruce Beatty Interior Offensive Line Coach: Joe Bugel Offensive Backfield Coach: Bob Gibson Defensive Line Coach: Fritz Shurmur Linebackers Coach: Jerry Glanville Defensive Backfield Coach: Jim Carr Special Teams Coach: Bruce Beatty, Floyd Reese, Art Zeleznik Special Teams Assistant Coach: Bill Belichick Strength and Conditioning Coach: Floyd Reese General Manager: Russ Thomas Scout: Tommy Hudspeth Head Trainer: Kent Falb