Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants 41 to 28

Sunday, December 19, 1971, Week 14

The Philadelphia Eagles played the New York Giants in New York City on Sunday, December 19, 1971, Week 14 of the 1971 season. The Eagles won by a score of 41-28. The Eagles swept the Giants for the 1971 season. With this game, the Giants finished the season 1-6-0 at home, while the Eagles finished 3-3-1 on the road for the 1971 season.

The Giants finished the season with a record of 4-10-0, while the Eagles finished the season at 6-7-1.

Philadelphia Eagles offense

Total yards Pass yards Rush yards Turnovers First downs
346 261 85 0 15


Head Coach: Jerry Williams Interim Head Coach: Ed Khayat Offensive Coordinator: Tom Fears Defensive Coordinator: Jim Carr Quarterbacks Coach: John Rauch Offensive Line Coach: Brad Ecklund Running Backs Coach: Jack Zilly Defensive Line Coach: Ed Khayat, Jesse Richardson, Joe Moss Linebackers Coach: Jim Carr Special Teams Coach: Jack Zilly General Manager: Pete Retzlaff

New York Giants offense

Total yards Pass yards Rush yards Turnovers First downs
378 314 64 2 24


Head Coach: Alex Webster Defensive Coordinator: Norb Hecker Quarterbacks Coach: Joe Walton Wide Receivers Coach: Joe Walton Offensive Line Coach: Pop Ivy Defensive Line Coach: Jim Katcavage Linebackers Coach: Matt Hazeltine Defensive Backs Coach: Emlen Tunnell Backfield Coach: Jim Garrett Assistant Coach: Jim Garrett Director of Player Personnel: Jim Lee Howell Scout: Roosevelt Brown, Ken Kavanaugh