Jack Del Rio

Coaching Record

Years Coached Record Win % Playoff record Playoff win %
22 187-160-0 53.89% 8-8 50.00%

Coaching Tree


Brian Billick, Mike Ditka, John Fox


Mike Smith, Anthony Lynn, Dirk Koetter


Career Summary

Jack Del Rio is a football coach in the National Football League (NFL) and has been the defensive coordinator for the Washington Football Team since 2020. Prior to this season, he coached for the New Orleans Saints, Baltimore Ravens, Carolina Panthers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Denver Broncos, and Oakland Raiders for twenty-one seasons. His most recent position was with the Raiders as their head coach. During his career he was a head coach for twelve seasons, first with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He led the Jaguars for nine seasons, compiling a record of 70-74-0. His next head coaching stint was with the Oakland Raiders from 2015 to 2017, as he led the team to a 25-23-0 record. He was fired from the Raiders. During his entire head coaching career, his two teams combined for a record of 95-97-0 across twelve seasons including going 1-3-0 in the playoffs.

Career Awards

During his time as defensive coordinator and head coach he coached two players to award-winning seasons. As the head coach for the Raiders Khalil Mack won AP Defensive Player of the Year. As the defensive coordinator for the Panthers Julius Peppers won AP Defensive Rookie of the Year.

Jack Del Rio Coaching Tree

Before he was a head coach, Del Rio served as an assistant coach for Mike Ditka, Brian Billick, John Fox, and Ron Rivera. Four of these years were spent on Fox's coaching staff. During his time as head coach, three assistant coaches, (Mike Smith, Anthony Lynn, and Dirk Koetter) on his coaching staff were hired as head coaches across the league. His coaching tree has combined for a record of 119-106-0 in the regular season and 2-5 in the playoffs during their fourteen seasons as head coach after serving on his coaching staffs.


Year Position Record Playoff record
2020 Washington Football Team Defensive Coordinator 7-9-0 0-1
2017 Oakland Raiders Head Coach 6-10-0 0-0
2016 Oakland Raiders Head Coach 12-4-0 0-1
2015 Oakland Raiders Head Coach 7-9-0 0-0
2014 Denver Broncos Defensive Coordinator 12-4-0 0-1
2013 Denver Broncos Defensive Coordinator 13-3-0 2-1
2012 Denver Broncos Defensive Coordinator 13-3-0 0-1
2011 Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach 3-8-0 0-0
2010 Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach 8-8-0 0-0
2009 Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach 7-9-0 0-0
2008 Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach 5-11-0 0-0
2007 Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach 11-5-0 1-1
2006 Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach 8-8-0 0-0
2005 Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach 12-4-0 0-1
2004 Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach 9-7-0 0-0
2003 Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach 5-11-0 0-0
2002 Carolina Panthers Defensive Coordinator 7-9-0 0-0
2001 Baltimore Ravens Linebackers Coach 10-6-0 1-1
2000 Baltimore Ravens Linebackers Coach 12-4-0 4-0
1999 Baltimore Ravens Linebackers Coach 8-8-0 0-0
1998 New Orleans Saints Linebackers Coach 6-10-0 0-0
1997 New Orleans Saints Assistant Strength Coach 6-10-0 0-0

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