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20 164-156-0 51.25% 11-6 64.71% 1


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When Rex Ryan took the reins of the New York Jets as its head coach before the 2009 football season, he quickly became one of the most polarizing figures in the National Football League. He branded himself early as one that would say ridiculous, nearly ludicrous, quotes during press conferences and practices.

Ryan has always been a defensive-minded coach, much like his father, Buddy Ryan. Rex spent the two years of 1994 and 1995 coaching under his father for the Arizona Cardinals as the defensive line and linebackers coach. The team went 8-8 in 1994, with the third-ranked defense in the league. The squad entered the final week of the season with a long shot chance at a playoff berth, but lost to the Atlanta Falcons to end the season.

Rex took after his father in the way he talked about his team before big games. In 1994, Buddy guaranteed the Cardinals would beat the Cleveland Browns in a week 3 match. The Browns won the game 32-0.

After his time in Arizona under Buddy, Ryan went to the college ranks with the University of Cincinnati as its defensive coordinator. He spent the 1996-97 seasons with the Bearcats before moving on to the University of Oklahoma. He spent one year with the Sooners as the squad’s defensive coordinator.

Ryan helped the Sooners to a 5-6 record that year, John Blake's final year as Oklahoma’s head coach. Blake was replaced by Florida defensive coordinator Bob Stoops.

In 1999, at the age of 37, he took, what many argue, his first real NFL coaching job as the defensive line coach for the much-heralded defense of the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens enjoyed the franchise’s most successful year in 2000, when the team won the Super Bowl behind head coach Brian Billick and quarterback Trent Dilfer. Ray Lewis won the NFL defensive player of the year award and commanded the defense with another future Hall of Fame player Rod Woodson.

Ryan coached the unit to a record-setting year, one that saw the fewest points allowed by any defense in the history of the NFL. The ‘Purple Pain’ allowed just 165 points in the regular season.

He remained the defensive line coach until 2005, when he was promoted to defensive coordinator. He kept that title with the Ravens until 2008 when he was the defensive coordinator and assistant head coach. In 2009, he became the head coach of the New York Jets.

In Ryan’s first two years with the Jets, he had reason to be confident and boisterous. The 2009 season saw New York finish the regular season at 9-7. Although not a sparkling regular-season record, the team beat the Cincinnati Bengals, then the Chargers in the first two rounds of the playoffs before a loss to Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship game. The Colts went on to defeat the Chicago Bears in the Super Bowl.

2010 read much the same for Ryan’s Jets. The team took down the defending Super Bowl champion Indianapolis Colts in the first round, and then beat the Patriots in the divisional round. But the then 13-5 Jets ran out of fuel as they lost to the impending Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship game.

Ryan got his first job in football after his graduation from Southwestern Oklahoma State in 1986. He was a graduate assistant for the Eastern Kentucky University football team. Ryan spent two years with the team and at the age of 27, he accepted the position of assistant head coach and defensive coordinator of the New Mexico Highlands University football team, and from there, has moved on to much bigger and brighter things.


Year Franchise Position Wins / Losses / Ties Playoff wins / Playoff losses Championship win
2016 Buffalo Bills Head Coach 7-9-0 0-0
2015 Buffalo Bills Head Coach 8-8-0 0-0
2014 New York Jets Head Coach 4-12-0 0-0
2013 New York Jets Head Coach 8-8-0 0-0
2012 New York Jets Head Coach 6-10-0 0-0
2011 New York Jets Head Coach 8-8-0 0-0
2010 New York Jets Head Coach 11-5-0 2-1
2009 New York Jets Head Coach 9-7-0 2-1
2008 Baltimore Ravens Assistant Head Coach / Defensive Coordinator 11-5-0 2-1
2007 Baltimore Ravens Defensive Coordinator 5-11-0 0-0
2006 Baltimore Ravens Defensive Coordinator 13-3-0 0-1
2005 Baltimore Ravens Defensive Coordinator 6-10-0 0-0
2004 Baltimore Ravens Defensive Line Coach 9-7-0 0-0
2003 Baltimore Ravens Defensive Line Coach 10-6-0 0-1
2002 Baltimore Ravens Defensive Line Coach 7-9-0 0-0
2001 Baltimore Ravens Defensive Line Coach 10-6-0 1-1
2000 Baltimore Ravens Defensive Line Coach 12-4-0 4-0
1999 Baltimore Ravens Defensive Line Coach 8-8-0 0-0
1995 Arizona Cardinals Linebackers Coach 4-12-0 0-0
1994 Arizona Cardinals Defensive Line Coach 8-8-0 0-0