Darrell Bevell

Coaching Record

Years Coached Record Win % Playoff record Playoff win %
24 202-167-2 54.72% 11-12 47.83%


Career Summary

Darrell Bevell is a football coach in the National Football League (NFL) and has been the offensive pass game coordinator/quarterbacks coach for the Miami Dolphins since 2022. During this time period, the Dolphins compiled a 20-14-0 record.

Career Awards

As the offensive coordinator of the Minnesota Vikings he coached two players to award-winning seasons: Adrian Peterson, AP Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2007; Percy Harvin, AP Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2009.

Personal Information

Bevell was born on Tuesday, January 6, 1970 in Yuma, Arizona.

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Playing Career

Darrell Bevell began his career in football in college at Northern Arizona University as a quarterback. Soon later he got offers to attend other universities until eventually he decided to attend the University of Wisconsin. He became starting quarterback in 1993 for a then losing team who had never won a Bowl game of any kind. Thanks to his snap decisions the team got their first Rose Bowl invitation since 1963 and subsequently won the title. The very next season they defeated Duke in the 1995 Hall of Fame Bowl and Wisconsin’s first ever back-to-back bowl wins. After his attempt to get into the NFL professionally failed and all options fell through, he decided to try out a career in coaching.

Coaching Career

College Coaching

Westmar University

Bevell began his coaching career in 1996 as the quarterbacks coach for a small Liberal Arts College in Iowa entitled Westmar. Head Coach Jeff Menage had control of the team at this point and invited Bevell down (after he got turned down as an independent free agent in the NFL), and has stated, “It took about two practices to figure out that his knowledge of the game was phenomenal.”

Iowa State University

He left Westmar and took the graduate assistant job in 1997 for Iowa State where he would remain until being offered his full time position elsewhere a year later.

University of Connecticut

From 1998 through the 1999 season he worked as the wide receivers coach for the University of Connecticut. They went 10-3 their first season while Bevell was on staff only to decline to a 4-7 record in 1999. During his move from the team they were in the process of transitioning to a completely different Division 1-A.

Coaching in the NFL

Green Bay Packers

In 2000 he was finally offered a spot in the NFL, but not as a player. He was hired on by the Green Bay Packers as quality control. His job to break down film, scout opposing teams' defenses, and compile information for playbooks to give to the coordinators. It was then that he decided to forego his playing aspirations and attempt a more serious career in coaching.

In 2003 he was then promoted to the quarterbacks coach position where he had the opportunity to work with and directly coach Bret Favre. He remained the quarterbacks coach until 2005 when he was offered a more lucrative coaching job.

Minnesota Vikings

Early 2006 Bevell began coaching as the offensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings. During his first year with them, the team sent four players to the Pro Bowl, working directly with two of them (Offensive Lineman Matt Birk and Steve Hutchinson).

When 2007 rolled around his running back Adrian Peterson topped the NFL single-game rushing record with 296 yards and later the NFC in rushing with 1,341 yards. Peterson went on to be named the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year and started in the Pro Bowl where he took home the MVP honors of the game.

With his help the team ended up in the 2008 NFC North Division Title game against Atlanta. In 2009 he led them to the NFC Championship game and was the person to evaluate Favre when he had his shoulder surgery to see if he could return to the NFL (and the Vikings at the time). When the 2010 season ended, Bevell was not retained with the team (under a new head coach) and headed for Seattle.

Seattle Seahawks

Bevell was hired by the Seattle Seahawks in 2011 as their new offensive coordinator where he remains to this day. Since his hiring the team has made it to two Super Bowls, 2014 where they defeated the Denver Broncos 43-8 and then lost to the New England Patriots 28-24 in 2015.


Year Position Record Playoff record
2024 Miami Dolphins Offensive Pass Game Coordinator / Quarterbacks Coach 0-0-0 0-0
2023 Miami Dolphins Offensive Pass Game Coordinator / Quarterbacks Coach 11-6-0 0-1
2022 Miami Dolphins Offensive Pass Game Coordinator / Quarterbacks Coach 9-8-0 0-1
2021 Jacksonville Jaguars Interim Head Coach / Offensive Coordinator 1-3-0 0-0
2021 Jacksonville Jaguars Offensive Coordinator 2-11-0 0-0
2020 Detroit Lions Offensive Coordinator 4-7-0 0-0
2020 Detroit Lions Interim Head Coach / Offensive Coordinator 1-4-0 0-0
2019 Detroit Lions Offensive Coordinator 3-12-1 0-0
2017 Seattle Seahawks Offensive Coordinator 9-7-0 0-0
2016 Seattle Seahawks Offensive Coordinator 10-5-1 1-1
2015 Seattle Seahawks Offensive Coordinator 10-6-0 1-1
2014 Seattle Seahawks Offensive Coordinator 12-4-0 2-1
2013 Seattle Seahawks Offensive Coordinator 13-3-0 3-0
2012 Seattle Seahawks Offensive Coordinator 11-5-0 1-1
2011 Seattle Seahawks Offensive Coordinator 7-9-0 0-0
2010 Minnesota Vikings Offensive Coordinator 6-10-0 0-0
2009 Minnesota Vikings Offensive Coordinator 12-4-0 1-1
2008 Minnesota Vikings Offensive Coordinator 10-6-0 0-1
2007 Minnesota Vikings Offensive Coordinator 8-8-0 0-0
2006 Minnesota Vikings Offensive Coordinator 6-10-0 0-0
2005 Green Bay Packers Quarterbacks Coach 4-12-0 0-0
2004 Green Bay Packers Quarterbacks Coach 10-6-0 0-1
2003 Green Bay Packers Quarterbacks Coach 10-6-0 1-1
2002 Green Bay Packers Offensive Assistant Coach 12-4-0 0-1
2001 Green Bay Packers Offensive Assistant Coach / Quality Control Coach 12-4-0 1-1
2000 Green Bay Packers Offensive Assistant Coach / Quality Control Coach 9-7-0 0-0

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