Denver Broncos at Seattle Seahawks 27 to 24

Friday, December 20, 1985, Week 16

The Denver Broncos played the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle on Friday, December 20, 1985, Week 16 of the 1985 season. The Broncos won by a score of 27-24. The Broncos swept the Seahawks for the 1985 season. With this game, the Seahawks finished the season 5-3-0 at home, while the Broncos finished 5-3-0 on the road for the 1985 season.

The Seahawks finished the season with a record of 8-8-0, while the Broncos finished the season at 11-5-0.

Denver Broncos offense

Total yards Pass yards Rush yards Turnovers First downs
479 385 94 0 26


Head Coach: Dan Reeves Assistant Head Coach: Joe Collier Offensive Coordinator: Mike Shanahan Offensive Line Coach: Alex Gibbs Running Backs Coach: Nick Nicolau Tight Ends Coach: Chan Gailey, Richard "Doc" Urich Assistant Offensive Line Coach: Richard "Doc" Urich Defensive Line Coach: Stan Jones Linebackers Coach: Myrel Moore Defensive Backs Coach: Charlie West Defense: Joe Collier Special Teams Coach: Chan Gailey Special Assistant Coach: Marvin Crosby Bass Strength and Conditioning Coach: Al Miller General Manager: John Beake

Seattle Seahawks offense

Total yards Pass yards Rush yards Turnovers First downs
331 205 126 1 20


Head Coach: Chuck Knox Assistant Head Coach: Tom Catlin Offensive Coordinator: Ray Prochaska Defensive Coordinator: Tom Catlin Quarterbacks Coach: Ken Meyer Wide Receivers Coach: Steve Moore Offensive Line Coach: Ray Prochaska, Kent Stephenson Running Backs Coach: Chick Harris Tight Ends Coach: Rusty Tillman Defensive Line Coach: George Dyer Linebackers Coach: Tom Catlin Defensive Backs Coach: Ralph Hawkins Special Teams Coach: Rusty Tillman Special Assignments: Joe Vitt President: Mike McCormack General Manager: Mike McCormack