New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys 20 to 7

Sunday, December 21, 1997, Week 17

The New York Giants played the Dallas Cowboys in Irving on Sunday, December 21, 1997, Week 17 of the 1997 season. The Giants won by a score of 20-7. The Giants swept the Cowboys for the 1997 season. With this game, the Cowboys finished the season 5-3-0 at home, while the Giants finished 4-3-1 on the road for the 1997 season.

The Cowboys finished the season with a record of 6-10-0, while the Giants finished the season at 10-5-1.

New York Giants offense

Total yards Pass yards Rush yards Turnovers First downs
283 136 147 1 17


Head Coach: Jim Fassel Offensive Coordinator: Jim Skipper Defensive Coordinator: John Fox Quarterbacks Coach: Rod Dowhower Wide Receivers Coach: Milt Jackson Offensive Line Coach: John Matsko Running Backs Coach: Jim Skipper Tight Ends Coach: Dick Rehbein Offensive Assistant Coach: Mike Gillhamer Defensive Line Coach: Denny Marcin Linebackers Coach: Mike Haluchak, Dave Brazil Secondary Coach: Johnnie Lynn Defensive Quality Control Coach: Dave Brazil Special Teams Coach: Larry Mac Duff Strength and Conditioning Coach: John Dunn Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach: Craig Stoddard General Manager: George Young Scout: Roosevelt Brown, Ken Kavanaugh

Dallas Cowboys offense

Total yards Pass yards Rush yards Turnovers First downs
184 105 79 3 11


Head Coach: Barry Switzer Offensive Coordinator: Ernie Zampese Defensive Coordinator: Dave Campo Quarterbacks Coach: Jack Reilly Wide Receivers Coach: Hubbard Alexander Offensive Line Coach: Hudson Houck Running Backs Coach: Joe Brodsky Tight Ends Coach: Robert Ford Offensive Quality Control Coach: Steve Hoffman Defensive Ends Coach: Tommy Hart Defensive Tackles Coach: Craig Boller Linebackers Coach: Jim Bates Defensive Backs Coach: Mike Zimmer Defensive Assistant Coach: Clancy Pendergast Special Teams Coach: Joe Avezzano Kicking Coach: Steve Hoffman Quality Control Coach: Clancy Pendergast Strength and Conditioning Coach: Joe Juraszek Assistant Director of Football Operations: Craig Glieber Scout: Jim Garrett