Indianapolis Colts at Los Angeles Raiders 30 to 24

Sunday, December 21, 1986, Week 16

The Indianapolis Colts played the Los Angeles Raiders in Oakland on Sunday, December 21, 1986, Week 16 of the 1986 season. The Colts won by a score of 30-24. With this game, the Raiders finished the season 3-5-0 at home, while the Colts finished 2-6-0 on the road for the 1986 season.

The Raiders finished the season with a record of 8-8-0, while the Colts finished the season at 3-13-0.

Indianapolis Colts offense

Total yards Pass yards Rush yards Turnovers First downs
411 215 196 2 23


Head Coach: Rod Dowhower Offensive Coordinator: Billie Matthews Defensive Coordinator: George Hill Quarterbacks Coach: John Becker Wide Receivers Coach: Phillip "Chip" Myers Offensive Line Coach: Tom Lovat, Keith Rowen Running Backs Coach: Billie Matthews Assistant Offensive Line Coach: Keith Rowen Defensive Line Coach: John Marshall Linebackers Coach: Rick Venturi Defensive Backs Coach: George Catavolos Special Teams Coach: Keith Rowen Strength and Conditioning Coach: Tom Zupancic

Los Angeles Raiders offense

Total yards Pass yards Rush yards Turnovers First downs
423 334 89 3 25


Head Coach: Tom Flores Defensive Coordinator: Charlie Sumner Quarterbacks Coach: Larry Kennan Offensive Line Coach: Art Shell, Sam Boghosian Running Backs Coach: Ray Willsey Tight Ends Coach: Bob Mischak Assistant Running Backs Coach: Terry Robiskie Defensive Line Coach: Earl Leggett Linebackers Coach: Bob Zeman Defensive Backfield Coach: Chet Franklin, Willie Brown Special Teams Coach: Steve Ortmayer Director of Football Operations: Steve Ortmayer Pro Scout: Joe Madro