San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos 0 to 24

Sunday, December 27, 1987, Week 16

The San Diego Chargers played the Denver Broncos in Denver on Sunday, December 27, 1987, Week 16 of the 1987 season. The Broncos won by a score of 24-0. The Broncos swept the Chargers for the 1987 season. With this game, the Broncos finished the season 7-1-0 at home, while the Chargers finished 4-4-0 on the road for the 1987 season.

The Broncos finished the season with a record of 10-4-1, while the Chargers finished the season at 8-7-0.

San Diego Chargers offense

Total yards Pass yards Rush yards Turnovers First downs
151 108 43 5 7


Head Coach: Al Saunders Offensive Coordinator: Dave Levy Defensive Coordinator: Ron Lynn Special Teams Coordinator: Wayne Sevier Quarterbacks Coach: Roger Theder Wide Receivers Coach: Charlie Joiner Offensive Line Coach: Dave Levy, Ed White Running Backs Coach: Bobby Jackson Defensive Line Coach: Gunther Cunningham Linebackers Coach: Mike Haluchak Defensive Quality Control Coach: Jim L. Mora (Jr.) Administrative Assistant: Mike Faklis

Denver Broncos offense

Total yards Pass yards Rush yards Turnovers First downs
215 86 129 4 15


Head Coach: Dan Reeves Assistant Head Coach: Joe Collier Offensive Coordinator: Mike Shanahan Special Teams Coordinator: Mike Nolan Wide Receivers Coach: Chan Gailey Offensive Line Coach: Alex Gibbs Running Backs Coach: Nick Nicolau Tight Ends Coach: Chan Gailey Defensive Line Coach: Stan Jones Linebackers Coach: Mike Nolan, Myrel Moore Defensive Backs Coach: Charlie West Defense: Joe Collier Assistant Defensive Line Coach: Rubin Carter Special Teams Coach: Mike Nolan Special Assistant Coach: Marvin Crosby Bass Strength and Conditioning Coach: Al Miller General Manager: John Beake