New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Rams 29 to 14

Sunday, December 16, 1979, Week 16

The New Orleans Saints played the Los Angeles Rams in Los Angeles on Sunday, December 16, 1979, Week 16 of the 1979 season. The Saints won by a score of 29-14. The Rams and the Saints split the season series for the 1979 season, each winning one game. With this game, the Rams finished the season 4-4-0 at home, while the Saints finished 5-3-0 on the road for the 1979 season.

The Rams finished the season with a record of 9-7-0, while the Saints finished the season at 8-8-0.

New Orleans Saints offense

Total yards Pass yards Rush yards Turnovers First downs
422 146 276 4 23


Head Coach: Dick Nolan Offensive Coordinator: Ed Hughes Defensive Coordinator: Paul Wiggin Quarterbacks Coach: Lamar McHan Wide Receivers Coach: Lamar McHan Offensive Line Coach: Dick Stanfel Offensive Backfield Coach: Ed Hughes Defensive Line Coach: Tom Pratt Linebackers Coach: Ed Beard Defensive Backs Coach: Chet Franklin Special Teams Coach: Whitey Campbell Conditioning Coach: Bob Hill Owner: John Mecom Director of Pro Personnel: Ernie Hefferle Director of Player Personnel: Bob Whitman

Los Angeles Rams offense

Total yards Pass yards Rush yards Turnovers First downs
290 114 176 6 16


Head Coach: Ray Malavasi Defensive Coordinator: Bud Carson Wide Receivers Coach: Lionel Taylor Offensive Line Coach: Dan Radakovich Offensive Backfield Coach: Jack Faulkner Strength Coach: Clyde Evans Assistant Trainer: Garrett Giemont