5 Predictions For The 2023 NFL Season

April 13th, 2023

The 2022 NFL season has finished, but everyone is already looking forward to seeing what 2023 has in store for all the teams involved. While it might be too early to talk about what the 2023 season will bring, there are still some storylines that every NFL fan should watch. Many teams will need to review their contracts and try to get under the salary cap. There could also be many trades that could help the teams to move up in the chart. Trades, contract extensions, and important decisions might influence the standing of your favorite team and how they do in the championship. Here are our predictions for the 2023 NFL season.

Evan Engram Will Stay With Jacksonville Jaguars For A Long Term

Evan Engram was incredibly successful during his rookie season. When he played for the New York Giants, he recorded 16 touchdowns with 262 receptions for 2,828 yards. However, his performance went slightly down, and he’s had to deal with some significant health issues that held him back. But it seems like signing the “prove-it” deal for one year with the Jacksonville Jaguars has done him good. He even recorded 73 receptions and 766 yards during that time. So, you might expect that the team will acknowledge his efforts and he’ll get a long-term contract with the team. Keeping such a player on board might help the Jaguars to improve their strategy and get more successful.

Jordan Davis Will Strengthen His Position On The Field

The Philadelphia Eagles had an amazing season in 2022 – the only downfall is that they didn’t win it all. Many fans were also disappointed by the lack of action from the No. 13, Jordan Davis. He had only 18 tackles throughout the season and wasn’t too active on the field. But the Eagles might lose Fletcher Cox and Javon Hargrave. And if at least one of them leaves, it might force Davis to dive deeper into the game and make his presence known. Getting more involved in the game might improve the team’s odds even further and maybe even push them to the overall win. If you enjoy betting on the games, then this could be the perfect season for you to win big. To ensure you’re always on top of the best spreads, make sure you use sites like BetUS to stay up to date with the latest Vegas NFL odds and keep track of the picks. That might help you keep up with the standing of your favorite team and see their chances to succeed in the next NFL season.

The Offseason Will Be Quiet For Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers are thriving under the care of Mike Tomlin. The team had been off to a rocky start at the beginning of the season, and it seemed like Tomlin’s position could be at risk. That is also why some might expect the Steelers to reach out to bigger names in free agency. But the six wins out of seven final games turned the situation around, and they finished the season with a winning score. The Steelers are rather good when it comes to drafting and often build the team from within. It’s quite rare to see them getting involved in bigger moves like trading players. They will most likely use the offseason as an opportunity to draft new players, and if they bring in any players from the free agency, it could be a move to fill in any blanks. Other than that, their offseason should be rather quiet and spent preparing for the next season to secure the wins again.

Lamar Jackson Will Play For The Atlanta Falcons

Lamar Jackson might be a popular name when it comes to trading players during the offseason. And while there might be quite a few teams interested in him, it seems like the Atlanta Falcons might be offering the most enticing package to the player. In exchange for Jackson, the Falcons might send Desmond Ridder to Baltimore. These trades could bring interesting changes for all the teams involved, so it’s an exciting time for fans. Bringing into the team a quarterback like Jackson might help Atlanta improve their lineup and possibly even their standing in the championship.

Green Bay Packers Will Work On Their Offense With Jordan Love

Finally, we need to mention one of the main storylines of the offseason – is Aaron Rodgers going to stay with the Green Bay Packers, or will he move on to a different team? It now seems likely that Rodgers will become a New York Jet, with the Packers set to make a move on Jordan Love. If this does happen it could be an exciting time for Love and the Packers. As time goes by and Love gets used to his new role, it might be the best possible decision for the team if they want to win more matches and become a more serious threat to their opponents. In the end, it might help them to improve their offense and make the most of the cooperation between Jordan Love, Aaron Jones, and A. J. Dillon.

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