Can the Kansas City Chiefs Repeat as Champions

May 11th, 2023

The Kansas City Chiefs are currently on everyone's minds as they emerged victorious from the Super Bowl. Many presumed that losing out on Tyreek Hill, their top wide receiver, last offseason would have hurt their offense, but they came back with the top ranked offense in 2022. Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes paved the way for the Chiefs' victory in the Super Bowl as he completed 21 of 27 passes and three touchdowns.

With the NFL draft behind us, speculation for Super Bowl 2024 has already begun. While any team can feel optimistic on their chances for the upcoming season, the odds are not in most team’s favor. While the odds are a great tool for analyzing a team's performance, they're also an incredible tool to manage your bets for the biggest football game on Earth.

It’s not surprising for prominent online betting sites to provide odds of big sports event in much advance. According to the American Gaming Association, over 50.4 million people placed their bets on the teams participating in the gargantuan football event. With over $16 billion estimated to have been wagered, that number will only grow larger by the next Super Bowl. If the bets are placed correctly, players can enjoy the dynamic betting experience and walk away with a lot of rewards.

Kansas City Chiefs: Current Super Bowl Favorites

While the betting odds are subject to a lot of factors, the Kansas City Chiefs entered the offseason as the team with the best odds. Winning one Super Bowl is incredibly difficult - repeating is near insurmountable. The Chiefs are hoping to be the first team since the Patriots in the early 00’s to repeat as champions, and only the ninth team ever to accomplish the task.

In the Chiefs way stand the San Francisco 49ers, assuming they can keep a QB healthy for the entire season. Brock Purdy is expected to be ready for training camp in a few months, but he will still have a competition between Trey Lance and Sam Darnold.

With the New York Jets quiring the former MVP and future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers, they are a dark horse candidate to win this season.. Needless to say, the Chiefs road ahead to claim the third Super Bowl in the Andy Reid era is not an easy one. Despite the competition, they remain a favorite for bettors and rightfully so.

The betting action next year is sure to be even more lively, and not to mention the recent betting legalization has drastically driven up the public interest in the sport. American Gaming Association also noted “bettors are evenly split on the outcome of the game with 44 percent each planning to bet on the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs.” This says a lot about the NFL’s current state.


If the Chiefs’ rookie class can contribute for the team and replace starters who departed in free agency, it will certainly help the Chiefs repeat as champions. The team invested heavily during the draft in the offensive line, pass rush, and pass defense. Their contributions will be key to keep the team in championship status.