NFL Coaches Who Have Achieved The Highest Number Of Wins

April 25th, 2023

Coaching plays a pivotal role in the success of football teams, although it remains a daunting task to excel in. Often, teams switch coaches in pursuit of the ideal individual who can harness their potential. In this article, we present the unparalleled achievements of the top 10 professionals. Read on to learn an answer to the question: "Who are the top winningest coaches in NFL history?"

1. Don Shula

You might be asking yourself: "Who is the coach who has the most career wins and coached the only NFL perfect season?" Don Shula secured the title of the league's all-time leader on November 14, 1993. His record-breaking achievement still stands strong nearly 30 years later, with a grand total of 347 victories as the head coach of the Baltimore Colts and Miami Dolphins until his retirement in 1995. Shula's impressive career also boasts several accomplishments, such as leading the Dolphins to back-to-back Super Bowl victories, taking six trips to the Super Bowl as a head coach, and guiding the 1972 Dolphins to an undefeated season - a unique feat in the NFL's history.

2. Bill Belichick

It is highly likely that Bill Belichick will hold the top spot for coaching wins upon his retirement. With six Super Bowl victories, nine appearances, and 31 playoff victories, he has surpassed all other coaches in these accomplishments. Although most of his success was attained with the New England Patriots, he had only one winning season with the Cleveland Browns. Furthermore, as the Giants' defensive coordinator, Belichick won two Super Bowls and nearly achieved a perfect season with the Patriots in 2007, only to be thwarted by Coughlin's Giants in Super Bowl XLII.

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3. George Halas

Are you wondering: "What NFL coach has been with his team the longest?" Halas boasts the unique achievement of clinching an NFL title in four decades. From his first NFL triumph in 1921 to his last championship in 1963, Halas expertly adapted to the constantly-evolving professional football landscape. As a player from 1920-29, he secured eight NFL titles. Halas is lauded as the first coach to institute daily practice sessions with film study of the opposing team. Under his leadership, the Bears established a team newspaper and became the first team to broadcast their games on the radio.

4. Tom Landry

He led the Cowboys to become known as "America's Team." During his tenure from 1970-1978 as the former Giants defensive coordinator coaching Dallas, they won five Super Bowls, including three within four seasons, and were crowned champions in 1972 and 1978. His accomplishments are unparalleled with an NFL record of 20 consecutive winning seasons.

5. Andy Reid

Being considered one of the NFL winningest coaches, Andy Reid faced mistreatment and undervaluation for years. Despite winning a Super Bowl as an assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers, he struggled to achieve postseason success with other teams. Although he was not able to secure a Super Bowl victory during his tenure with the Philadelphia Eagles, his reputation as a leader of powerful and dynamic offensive teams remained unshaken. He subsequently solidified his position as the creative force behind the Kansas City Chiefs' offensive prowess. The deserved recognition for his achievements has finally come with his Super Bowl LIV triumph.

6. Curly Lambeau

If you're familiar with football, you may have come across the name Lambeau Field. But did you know that the stadium was named after Earl 'Curly' Lambeau, the legendary head coach of the Green Bay Packers? Lambeau was a true triple threat, excelling as a player and coach. He dominated on the field as a quarterback, wide receiver, and halfback, while simultaneously calling the shots as a coach. Under his leadership, the Packers secured six championships.

7. Paul Brown

No other coach in the NFL has won as many championships as Brown, the co-founder and coach of the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals. Over the course of his 25-year career, Brown brought about a revamp of the way football was played. He was instrumental in breaking the color barrier in football, is said to be the inventor of the facemask, and is lauded as the first coach to utilize game film to scout his opponents, employ a team of assistants on a full-time basis, and call plays from the sidelines.

8. Chuck Noll

This coach and his legendary "Steel Curtain" defense reigned supreme in the NFL for almost twenty years. During his tenure as head coach of the Steelers, the team achieved eight consecutive playoff appearances (1972-1979), clinched seven division titles, and secured four Super Bowl championships within six years. Noll's postseason wins total six and, impressively, he remains undefeated in the Super Bowl, making him one of the greatest NFL coaches of all time.

9. Marty Schottenheimer

As the NFL coach with most wins, he stands out among coaches for his exceptional football intelligence. However, he is also arguably one of the most unfortunate head coaches in history. Despite achieving over 200 wins, none of his teams were able to secure an NFL Championship or Super Bowl victory - with his only championship coming in the United Football League. Unfortunately, Schottenheimer's teams consistently performed well during the regular season, only to falter in the playoffs. This is evidenced by his disappointing 6-13 postseason record.

10. Dan Reeves

He is a distinguished individual who achieved success both as a player and a coach in the NFL. Throughout his impressive career spanning nearly 40 years, he served as head coach for the Cowboys, Broncos, Giants, and Falcons, garnering immense respect and admiration from the football community. He earned the distinction of being the youngest coach in NFL history after learning from and absorbing the wisdom of his mentor, Tom Landry.

These ten football coaches have made an extraordinary impact on the NFL and are widely regarded as some of the greatest coaches of all time. Despite the ever-changing landscape of football, these coaches' emphasis on teamwork, dedication, and hard work remains at the core of the game's essence. It is this timeless combination that continues to keep NFL games exhilarating.

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