Boston Yanks History

The Boston Yanks were a professional football team from 1944 until 1948, playing their final season in Boston, Massachusetts.

Boston Yanks by the Decades


The Boston Yanks' inaugural season was 1944. During the decade, the Yanks had a record of 14-38-3 during the regular season and not a single game in the playoffs. They won zero division titles. The Yanks ranked 9th in the East division with a win percentage of 28%. In 1945, the Yanks changed their name from the Boston Yanks to the Bos/Bkn Yanks/Tigers.

Boston Yanks Head Coaching History

Head Coach Years Record Win percentage Playoff record
Clipper Smith 1947-1948 7-16-1 31.3% 0-0
Herb Kopf 1944-1946 7-22-2 25.8% 0-0

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