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Potsy Clark

Cumulative stats (All positions)

Years Coached Record Win % Playoff record Playoff win %
10 64-41-12 59.83% 1-0 100.00%

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Potsy Clark was a football coach in the National Football League (NFL) from 1931 until 1940, finishing his career with the Detroit Lions as their head coach. Over his ten years of coaching his teams compiled a cumulative record of 64-41-12. During his career he was a head coach for ten seasons. His first head coaching opportunity came with the Portsmouth Spartans. He led the team for six seasons, compiling a record of 48-19-6. In 1935, the Spartans won the championship against the New York Giants 26-7. His next head coaching stint came with the Brooklyn Dodgers. He coached the Dodgers from 1937 to 1939, leading the team to a 11-17-5 record during his three seasons as head coach. His third opportunity as head coach began in 1940 with the Detroit Lions. He coached them for one season and the team had a 5-5-1 record during his tenure with the team.


Year Position Record Playoff record
1940 Detroit Lions Head Coach 5-5-1 0-0
1939 Brooklyn Dodgers Head Coach 4-6-1 0-0
1938 Brooklyn Dodgers Head Coach 4-4-3 0-0
1937 Brooklyn Dodgers Head Coach 3-7-1 0-0
1936 Detroit Lions Head Coach 8-4-0 0-0
1935 Detroit Lions Head Coach 7-3-2 1-0
1934 Detroit Lions Head Coach 10-2-0 0-0
1933 Portsmouth Spartans Head Coach 6-5-0 0-0
1932 Portsmouth Spartans Head Coach 6-2-4 0-0
1931 Portsmouth Spartans Head Coach 11-3-0 0-0

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